Web Development

Welcome to DEMOWERKS

Hi, I’m Michael. I’ve been working professionally as a web, application and database developer since 1999.

From the ground up I can work with you to produce a brilliant website for your business, personal or other needs. As different web technologies have come and gone, the one thing that I’ve remain focused on is function and simplicity.

I use industry standard technologies to display information, graphics, sounds, movies, data. Whether you need a personal site to sell your home-made crafts, or if you’re a large corporation who needs a secure site to deliver data to your clients, demowerks has the solution.


Custom websites using industry standard PHP, WordPress & JQuery.

Responsive websites that look great and work on computers, tablets and phones. Custom mobile application development.

Email and messaging solutions for reaching your base with email marketing tools and analytics.

Secure, reliable database design and implementation.

Integration of your site with other legacy systems with older data and processing formats

Integration of YouTube, Vimeo and other video formats into your site or blog.

e-Commerce and credit card processing integration and solutions.

User-friendly sites that you can update and maintain after deployment, with full documentation.

Photo slideshows and professional presentation of your imagery for web and mobile format.

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